How HOO-nah works


No, it isn’t voo-doo magic. It is simple science and technology! HOO-nah™ and HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ use their patented components to connect with existing cellular, WiFi, GPS and satellite signals. HOO-nah™ dynamically switches between different cellular signals and satellite to give you a persistent connection. It even supports multiple users!

You don’t need to buy other costly equipment. Your HOO-nah™ device works with your existing cellular or internet plan. HOO-nah™ and HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ can even be integrated with optional satellite equipment and service for when you travel to areas where cellular signals simply do not exist. Satellite equipment includes Starlink™ and other satellite types. Consult with HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ for tailored connectivity solutions or the preconfigured HOO-nah™ devices with the features that you need.