HOO-nah and Hyde Park West Telecommunications

When it is essential to be connected

Hoo-nah was born from the need for first responders and their equipment to be fully connected when in rural and remote terrains to save lives when every second counts in mission critical situations.

Its breakthrough technology overcomes the roadblocks of distance, elevation, weather, line of sight, fast-moving vehicles and obstacles that others have found nearly impossible to solve. These mobile connectivity issues plague millions of users, failing in both critical situations and in daily life when there are signal blackouts, slow speeds or overall unreliability when it is needed most. It is the reason why the advanced Hoo-nah technology holds multiple patents in the US and worldwide. The experts at Hyde Park West Telecommunications can tailor the Hoo-nah to your individual or business needs.

HOO-nah was designed to rapidly acquire a consistent connection, provide high-speed transfer of time-sensitive medical data and work in ambulances speeding through remote terrains. It delivers a signal and reliability unmatched by unassisted or other boosted devices. The technology was initially developed to support emergency treatment for stroke, heart attack, traumatic brain injury, and trauma victims in rural areas when diagnosis and treatment time is very important.

Imagine. If HOO-nah finds and maintains a mobile signal to save lives in ambulances traveling through mountains in Alaska or canyons in Colorado, think about the ways it will work for you

HOO-nah is one of a family of revolutionary communication devices developed by Hyde Park West Telecommunications, Inc. Hyde Park, founded in 2019, provides products and services for medical, business and industry, and consumer use in emergent situations and to improve everyday work and home pursuits in locations around the world.


Your solution for improved persistent connectivity and quality of service at home and on the go.