How HOO-nah works


No, it isn't voo-doo magic, it's simple science and technology! HOO-nah and Hyde Park West Telecommunications use their patented components to connect with existing cellular, WiFi, and GPS signals. HOO-nah dynamically switches between different cellular signals to give you a persistent connection. You don’t need to buy other costly equipment. Your HOO-nah device works with your existing cellular or internet plan. It even supports multiple users!

  • Tailored Solutions

    Hyde Park West Telecommunications specializes in providing tailored solutions to go beyond the so called "last mile" of coverage

  • Variable Power

    Their pre-packed Hoo-Nah case is both lightweight and waterproof. It can be powered over 12V DC, solar or 2x 5v USB outputs

  • Waterproof

    The antennas can be internal within the case, making everything completely waterproof, or can be attached to the outside to allow ease of swapping devices to different locations

  • Satellite Integration

    Where cellular coverage is very questionable, personal and business satellite integration can be achieved.