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For smart mining, exploration, drilling, drones and vehicles

Quality Connectivity, Asset Integration, and Data Monitoring, Processing and Transmission Within and Across Mining Sectors and Supporting Industries


Tailored connectivity solutions for any environment or the option to choose from one of the pre-configured HOO-nah™ devices!

Specifically adapted to your needs, locations, IoT and workforce assets, geotechnical and geophysical equipment, virtual monitoring and data transmission, drilling, transportation, and workforce assets.

Real Time, integrated, continuous for rural, remote, and inaccessible locations and for the last mile

Stay connected with your teams out in the field, integrate your technology, and feel assured that you can communicate for day-to-day operations, or when operations become mission critical. We are your solution for improved persistent connectivity and quality of service!

HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ (HPWT), a Utah/Alaska/Arizona/Nevada-based company and Managed Service Provider, delivers continuous, secure, quality, and high connectivity communications for rural, remote, mountainous, and inaccessible areas, including tunnels. Facilitating a streamlined link between mining assets, devices, and workforce operatives.


Accomplished through HPWT’s tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, and/or pre-configured HOO-nah devices that are adapted specifically to meet upstream, midstream, and downstream needs. Offering tailored compatibility for pre-existing, or required IT components, including IoT sensors, wearables, drones, software, fog, edge, and cloud computing systems.

Mining: General & Digital Communication Challenges

Operating in remote areas, including tunnels

Limited or no access to cloud and computing services

Limited human resources in these locations

Problems with real-time data collection and processing

High latency wireless data communications


Multiple sectors and operating teams that need to be integrated

Specific upstream, midstream and downstream operations and requirements that need to be seamlessly integrated

Incomplete use of hardware and software technologies to assist at all levels

These Challenges Lead To

  • Production limitations

  • Inadequate or incomplete safety operations and monitoring for the workers and the general public

  • Excessive costs

  • Inadequate or incomplete emergency response for accidents and workforce health issues

  • Delayed and inaccurate decision making

Does your company encounter any of the following issues?

Geology Core Logging on Laptop

Frequent Dropped Calls

Difficulty with integration

Inability to make cellular calls

Trouble tranferring data

Weak signal


No service at all

Difficulty with video communication

Communication Challenges

mining engineers discussing working documentation outdoor at the mining site

Full and continuous connectivity in rural and remote areas

Integration of communication for IoT devices, edge and cloud

Service persistence

Quality of service

Coordinated use and performance of GPS, wireless, internet, cellular and satellite services

Remote monitoring, troubleshooting and correcting physical assets

What Would It Look Like If There Were No Connection Challenges?

Imagine an integrated communications system and IoT/IT for upstream, midstream, and downstream operations with upstream devices, e.g. sensors, wearables, smart helmets, midstream vehicular transportation and safety monitoring, and integration with downstream sites. This would involve rural and remote asset locations. 

Connectivity challenge resolution would include mobile calls, WiFi, GPS and satellite when you need it. Imagine virtual meetings without connection interruptions. You’ve been dealing with interruptions far too often.

We’ve imagined what a connection you can count on looks like

No Dropped Calls

A good and full signal

Quality Audio on Cellular Calls

Streaming with good audio and video

Continuous GPS

Connected workers

Quality videoconferencing

Remote data acquisition and transfer

Integration of IoT and workforce assets for improved productivity, profitability, efficiency and safety

Hyde Park West Telecommunications™ and HOO-nah™ are your connection solution

When traveling to remote areas. When working in extreme conditions. When conditions become mission critical. In any case, you need the security of a persistent and quality digital connection. HOO-nah™ and HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ is the solution!

worker working on pad with oil and gas refinery background,Smart

Portable, mobile and deployed

The HOO-nah device is portable, mobile, deployed, and extensively tested for successful last/mid-mile performance throughout rural Alaska, Utah, Colorado Mountains, Texas, and multiple states. HOO-nah™ dynamically switches between cell providers and when required utilizes satellite connectivity, including Starlink™ and other satellite types; it can be used for voice calls, text, email, video teleconferencing, data transfer, and streaming.

Optimized for rural & remote locations

Cell, WiFi, Satellite and GPS

Promoting profitability, efficiency, safety and cost savings

HPWT’s multi-patented (US, Europe, and Australia), solutions deliver enhanced connectivity for mission critical, emergent, and operational situations within remote, rural, and inaccessible areas. Applications for mining and smart mines include enhancing occupational safety, enabling equipment and asset monitoring, optimizing communications for day-to-day operations and troubleshooting, alongside virtual enterprise supervision and training. Contributing to improved business, and process efficiency for direct cost savings, and higher overall profitability.

Custom tailored for the last mile

HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ provides tailored connectivity solutions for any environment or the option to choose from one of the preconfigured HOO-nah™ devices! Go beyond the so-called “last mile” of coverage and stay connected with a customized solution from HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™

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Mission Critical & Emergent Background & Readiness

Imaging data acquisition, processing and transport in the field

The Hyde Park West Telecommunications™ and HOO-nah™ solutions for enhanced connectivity, along with its sister company Blast Resolve™ were originally developed for mission critical and emergent medical care in rural, moving ambulances as part of a comprehensive system and system of care using audio video telemedicine; The latter connects patients and their data from ambulance associated devices to expert medical specialists for diagnosis, treatment, and delivery to appropriate hospitals/specialists for acute stroke, heart attack, traumatic brain injury, and other medical disorder–essential bringing tertiary care ER to the ambulance. This is real time and at the point of care. Successful testing was repeatedly performed in rural, remote and mountainous areas in moving ambulances at up to 90 MPH with cell and/or satellite connectivity. The same set of concepts in the features of HPWT are/can be applied to a comprehensive or selective mining IT approach.

Experienced multi-disciplinary team

The HPWT team is uniquely suited to solve the challenges for mining communication and connectivity. Our team includes some of the industries leading technical experts and seasoned managers with diverse backgrounds spanning cellular and satellite systems, network engineering, information technology and AI, emergent and routine high-level medical care, long-term federally funded scientific research, extensive business and legal expertise and multi-disciplinary collaboration for complex projects. Our team can work seamlessly with outside experts with different capabilities for complex goals and projects. This is advantageous for dealing with mining industry challenges.

HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ and the HOO-nah™ device have been developed, successfully tested and designed to help solve your connection challenges

Stream with a strong connection. The HOO-nah™ device and/or tailored HPWT communication alternatives will find the strongest carrier signal and amplify it so that you can take full advantage of the signal. Whether you’re working, streaming,  or videoconferencing, get a quality connection.

Use it on the road. The HOO-nah™ device is designed to be fully portable so that you can take it with you on the go. It dynamically connects to different carrier network signals to give you persistent connection, even at high speeds. HOO-nah™ can keep you connected.

Successfully field tested and deployed in the most remote areas! Dramatically reduce the chances of dropped calls or failed signals with the HOO-nah™ device and/or customizable integrated communication options. Get a connection you can count on.

Connection when you must have it

HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ and the preconfigured HOO-nah™ devices in combination with existing IoT assets provide improved connectivity, improved quality of service and improved service persistence and data acquisition, processing and analysis at upstream, midstream and downstream rural, remote and inaccessible locations including in moving vehicles. This solution provides a means to definitively deal with accidents and toxic exposures and leaks, as well as safety and medical emergencies.


Connection you can count on™

Get a cellular connection in areas you’ve never been able to before. When you are in remote areas where the signal is less than desirable, HOO-nah™ finds the best cellular signal and amplifies it to bring you a better connection. It dynamically switches between different carrier signals for persistent connection, even while traveling at high speeds. To put simply: HOO-nah™ is your cellular connection solution.

Hyde Park West Telecommunications™

Customize Your Experience

What makes HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ and when applicable the HOO-nah™ device so great? You can get what you need that is tailored to your specific requirements. They also help set it up along with other services to meet your specific needs. One-on-one consultation with HYDE PARK WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS™ means you can get what works for YOU!

Focused consultation guided by your company's specific needs, requirements, asset location, infrastructure and goals



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Technology patented in United States, Europe and Australia (seven total patents).

Hyde Park West Telecommunications LLC has an active registration for United States Federal Government Contracting through the System for Award Management (SAM) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) CAGE Program.